Day 4: My Top 5 Pet Peeves

First off, I had to google these expression since I was unaware such term existed. Second, there are few thing that really annoy me, and if you wanna make me angry you really have to try hard. But once I do get angry, hell is on the loose. So, now I’m going to describe the five things that annoy me the most.

  1. People who walk slowly when I’m in a rush: this happens to me a lot. I’m usually late no matter what I do, and that means that, when I walk to get to my destination, I look like a bloody cheetah. No kidding. Even my mom told me I walk too fast. And when I wanna get my full cheetah powers out, there are tons of elderly people aka turtles blocking my path. And this gets me on my nerves every single time.
  2. People who push me on the street and do not apologize: This is somewhat related to the previous point. Whenever I push someone while walking, I look at the other person and say “Sorry” even though I’m still in cheetah mode. But, when I’m walking slowly and just trying to appreciate my surroundings, I’d love for people not to bump into me, or at least to apologize. Every time this happens, I usually curse them under my breath.
  3. When my parents ask me whether I did something or not: When I have a test coming, I usually put a note where I can clearly see it, and that include my parents so they are not asking me about my curricular activities. So the most usual question they make is: “Are you studying for that test?” “Is it hard?” “You should be studying right now instead of being on the computer”. I know they’re showing concern and all that parent stuff, but is it really necessary to ask me whether I started studying? I am a grown up and I know what I have to do, but it seems my mom and dad don’t understand this yet.
  4. People who talk to me while I’m wearing headphones: I know this is an annoying thing for a lot of people, but for me, this is ULTRA ANNOYING, and I have to use caps because I hate this with all my heart. I love music with all my heart, there’s not a single that represents me more than music. I strongly believe that my music taste truly defines me as a human being and completes me. Also, I have a tendency to listen to music really loud, to shut all the exterior noise out. So, whenever someones forces me to exit my personal paradise, my blood boils. Literally. Specially if I’m listening to a really good song even though I had heard it thousands of times. It gets on my nerves every single time it happens.
  5. People who talk to each other at the cinema: I have a special rule when I go to the cinema with my mom, since she likes to make annoying comments throughout the film: Do NOT talk to me until the movies is over. I hate it. Specially when she asks things like: “Who is that guy?” “Why are they going to that place?” “Why are they doing that?”. And every time, I tell her: I do not know mom, SHUT UP. I remember once when we went to watch The Hateful Eight by Quentin Tarantino (If you haven’t seen it, please go watch it, it’s a masterpiece) and there were two ladies who were talking to each other about who had killed one of the main characters. And, I’m sorry, but my patience has a limit. So, I turned to them and said: “Could you please stay quiet so I can enjoy the movies?”, needless to say I was glaring at them with fury reflected on my eyes. So, they apologized and finally shut up. This is, without a doubt, the thing that makes my insides boil with fire and rage.

So, If you don’t wanna get on my bad side ever in your life, please, do not do any of these things.

Day 3: To single or not to single?

I’m currently single and I am okay with it. But of course, there’s the little bug of loneliness which makes its appearance and makes you feel miserable. And that little bug annoys me to no end. One day I may feel truly happy about my current sentimental status and the next minute I may be watching “Crazy, Stupid Love” and crying because I don’t have a boyfriend like Ryan Gosling.

Being single does have its advantages like having free time to think about yourself and what you may do to improve your well-being. Going out with your friends, starting new hobbies and doing the things you love are also other pros of being single. 

But, now it’s time for the cons. The main disadvantage of being single is wondering whether you will find someone who will love you for who you are and with whom you will share all the activities mentioned above. There is nothing more sweet than watching your favourite tv show and eating pizza with that special person. 

Sometimes I want to stay single for as long as I can, and enjoy my “freedom”. Other times, I look at a couple on the street being all sweet and immediately feel like I am an unwanted plastic bag floating in the air.

My only advice is that you should enjoy your single and taken stages as fully as you can. Life is full of opportunities, so we should take the little things we get. 

Day 2: The good, the bad and the ugly about myself.

I’ve never really “analysed” myself in order to say what is good or bad about me. But, in this case, I’ll give it a try.

The good, I believe, is my kind personality. I am a sweet person. People always tell me how adorable I am, and they always say that I am considerate. I myself cannot give faith for this since I don’t even know what I like about my own personality. But, I’m sticking to what other people tell me. However, I do believe that this kindness and goodness is my best side.

The bad is something completely awful. That is my selfishness. I do think about other people, I think whether they need my help or not, but from time to time I just get that feeling where I say: “to hell with everyone else, I need to take care of myself”, but I dislike it every time I think about it. The people who I care about always ask me whether I’m okay or if they can help with something, and that makes me feel bad whenever I exclude everyone out of my personal wishes and desires. But, I do believe that sometimes, this selfishness is a necessary evil in order to move on with our lives.

The ugly. I would say my body, but I’m learning to really appreciate my physical appearance so I’ll describe something else. My ugly side comes out of its cage whenever someone insults something I like, for example a band or a tv series. My nerves totally collapse and inner beast breaks free. I even fought with my mom once when she said Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t that good of an actor. My narrow-minded way of thinking can’t tolerate any criticism. Nothing whatsoever. And that’s something which I find disgusting, but I cannot help myself. That’s my fangirl heart showing its true colours.

The three sides (in this case) of a single person: me.

Day 1: What, why and where I write.

What I write?

Only the things I want to express. The things I want to share and feel like I want to get out of my chest. They’re not things which will change the world or make someone feel better but there may be some people who like it and may even relate to it. I’m not even trying to seek for fame, I don’t even plan on being a famous blogger since I doubt many people will like the sad story of a young adult who complains about eveything.

I write things which mean something to me.

Why I write?

I said it before: to let it all out. I overthink things too much. I feel like that the biggest problem our generation may have to deal with. I’ve tried countless of times to write a decent blog, just like any other teenager, but it didn’t work. Now, I have the resolve to actually write about stuff that happen to me and that I think about.

Where I write?

I write here. In this blog. On a cold computer screen. I wish I had a typewriter. In fact, my mom has one, but the spacebar doesn’t work appropiately and I can’t write even a single line. So, instead of using those cute little artifacts our grandparents used to send letters, this century’s equal to the typewriter is a computer.

I write things that express who I am in order to free my mind of unwanted thought.

Time for a challenge

In order blog-challenge1to get my blog updated on a regular-ish basis, I’ve decided to start a “blog challenge”. I like to write and express my opinion. It’s like therapy but without paying another person to listen to your blabberings. Either way, it’s a really good opportunity to keep my mind at ease.

I hope you like it c:

(Credit for the picture goes to the blog on the watermark)

Hello, Hola

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

I’m a translation student who only started this blog to improve my english skills but also to share some things that I find peculiar and somewhat interesting.

I may write posts in English or in Spanish, just a little heads up for anyone who may read this.

I love music with my whole heart, books are also my passion but nothing gets to me like music does. I also watch a lot of tv shows and films.

So, this is something I wrote for you to get to know me. I did this very quick so no one gets bored.

Thank you for reading this, whoever you are.

Have a lovely day.