Day 1: What, why and where I write.

What I write?

Only the things I want to express. The things I want to share and feel like I want to get out of my chest. They’re not things which will change the world or make someone feel better but there may be some people who like it and may even relate to it. I’m not even trying to seek for fame, I don’t even plan on being a famous blogger since I doubt many people will like the sad story of a young adult who complains about eveything.

I write things which mean something to me.

Why I write?

I said it before: to let it all out. I overthink things too much. I feel like that the biggest problem our generation may have to deal with. I’ve tried countless of times to write a decent blog, just like any other teenager, but it didn’t work. Now, I have the resolve to actually write about stuff that happen to me and that I think about.

Where I write?

I write here. In this blog. On a cold computer screen. I wish I had a typewriter. In fact, my mom has one, but the spacebar doesn’t work appropiately and I can’t write even a single line. So, instead of using those cute little artifacts our grandparents used to send letters, this century’s equal to the typewriter is a computer.

I write things that express who I am in order to free my mind of unwanted thought.


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