Day 2: The good, the bad and the ugly about myself.

I’ve never really “analysed” myself in order to say what is good or bad about me. But, in this case, I’ll give it a try.

The good, I believe, is my kind personality. I am a sweet person. People always tell me how adorable I am, and they always say that I am considerate. I myself cannot give faith for this since I don’t even know what I like about my own personality. But, I’m sticking to what other people tell me. However, I do believe that this kindness and goodness is my best side.

The bad is something completely awful. That is my selfishness. I do think about other people, I think whether they need my help or not, but from time to time I just get that feeling where I say: “to hell with everyone else, I need to take care of myself”, but I dislike it every time I think about it. The people who I care about always ask me whether I’m okay or if they can help with something, and that makes me feel bad whenever I exclude everyone out of my personal wishes and desires. But, I do believe that sometimes, this selfishness is a necessary evil in order to move on with our lives.

The ugly. I would say my body, but I’m learning to really appreciate my physical appearance so I’ll describe something else. My ugly side comes out of its cage whenever someone insults something I like, for example a band or a tv series. My nerves totally collapse and inner beast breaks free. I even fought with my mom once when she said Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t that good of an actor. My narrow-minded way of thinking can’t tolerate any criticism. Nothing whatsoever. And that’s something which I find disgusting, but I cannot help myself. That’s my fangirl heart showing its true colours.

The three sides (in this case) of a single person: me.


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