Day 3: To single or not to single?

I’m currently single and I am okay with it. But of course, there’s the little bug of loneliness which makes its appearance and makes you feel miserable. And that little bug annoys me to no end. One day I may feel truly happy about my current sentimental status and the next minute I may be watching “Crazy, Stupid Love” and crying because I don’t have a boyfriend like Ryan Gosling.

Being single does have its advantages like having free time to think about yourself and what you may do to improve your well-being. Going out with your friends, starting new hobbies and doing the things you love are also other pros of being single. 

But, now it’s time for the cons. The main disadvantage of being single is wondering whether you will find someone who will love you for who you are and with whom you will share all the activities mentioned above. There is nothing more sweet than watching your favourite tv show and eating pizza with that special person. 

Sometimes I want to stay single for as long as I can, and enjoy my “freedom”. Other times, I look at a couple on the street being all sweet and immediately feel like I am an unwanted plastic bag floating in the air.

My only advice is that you should enjoy your single and taken stages as fully as you can. Life is full of opportunities, so we should take the little things we get. 


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