Day 4: My Top 5 Pet Peeves

First off, I had to google these expression since I was unaware such term existed. Second, there are few thing that really annoy me, and if you wanna make me angry you really have to try hard. But once I do get angry, hell is on the loose. So, now I’m going to describe the five things that annoy me the most.

  1. People who walk slowly when I’m in a rush: this happens to me a lot. I’m usually late no matter what I do, and that means that, when I walk to get to my destination, I look like a bloody cheetah. No kidding. Even my mom told me I walk too fast. And when I wanna get my full cheetah powers out, there are tons of elderly people aka turtles blocking my path. And this gets me on my nerves every single time.
  2. People who push me on the street and do not apologize: This is somewhat related to the previous point. Whenever I push someone while walking, I look at the other person and say “Sorry” even though I’m still in cheetah mode. But, when I’m walking slowly and just trying to appreciate my surroundings, I’d love for people not to bump into me, or at least to apologize. Every time this happens, I usually curse them under my breath.
  3. When my parents ask me whether I did something or not: When I have a test coming, I usually put a note where I can clearly see it, and that include my parents so they are not asking me about my curricular activities. So the most usual question they make is: “Are you studying for that test?” “Is it hard?” “You should be studying right now instead of being on the computer”. I know they’re showing concern and all that parent stuff, but is it really necessary to ask me whether I started studying? I am a grown up and I know what I have to do, but it seems my mom and dad don’t understand this yet.
  4. People who talk to me while I’m wearing headphones: I know this is an annoying thing for a lot of people, but for me, this is ULTRA ANNOYING, and I have to use caps because I hate this with all my heart. I love music with all my heart, there’s not a single that represents me more than music. I strongly believe that my music taste truly defines me as a human being and completes me. Also, I have a tendency to listen to music really loud, to shut all the exterior noise out. So, whenever someones forces me to exit my personal paradise, my blood boils. Literally. Specially if I’m listening to a really good song even though I had heard it thousands of times. It gets on my nerves every single time it happens.
  5. People who talk to each other at the cinema: I have a special rule when I go to the cinema with my mom, since she likes to make annoying comments throughout the film: Do NOT talk to me until the movies is over. I hate it. Specially when she asks things like: “Who is that guy?” “Why are they going to that place?” “Why are they doing that?”. And every time, I tell her: I do not know mom, SHUT UP. I remember once when we went to watch The Hateful Eight by Quentin Tarantino (If you haven’t seen it, please go watch it, it’s a masterpiece) and there were two ladies who were talking to each other about who had killed one of the main characters. And, I’m sorry, but my patience has a limit. So, I turned to them and said: “Could you please stay quiet so I can enjoy the movies?”, needless to say I was glaring at them with fury reflected on my eyes. So, they apologized and finally shut up. This is, without a doubt, the thing that makes my insides boil with fire and rage.

So, If you don’t wanna get on my bad side ever in your life, please, do not do any of these things.


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