Day 5: Favourite foods

As a taurine, I love food. This is one of the most characteristic traits for a Taurus. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love food? it fills your stomach and makes you feel good and happy. So, I’m here to share my favourite foods.

Breaded-beek steak: You’re probably wondering: What the shit is this? Well is this: 13-04-29-milanesagr

And let me tell you, it’s one of the most delicious foods you’ll ever eat if you come to Argentina. It’s a traditional dish here and it’s one of the most easiest to make. You may eat it with mashed potatoes, a simple salad or, the most usual choice, fries. I may eat this dish day and night for an entire year and never get tired of it.

Here’s a recipe if you wanna try cooking it: Leave a comment if you did!

Pizza: I believe this is everyone’s favourite food. How come you may not like it??? It’s bread with cheese. Who doesn’t love bread? WHO doesn’t love cheese?? We have a tradition at my house that every single friday, we order pizza and drink beer. There’s nothing better than a good pizza and a cold beer. But, putting pineapple in a pizza is a deadly sin that should be punished as soon as possible. I swear. It’s horrible.

These are my favourite foods of all time. Since I am a glutton, if I ever mentioned all the foods I like to eat, I would never finish.


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