Day 7: Ideal place to move/visit

My wish since I was a 15-year-old, was to travel to a certain city. It’s a place where it rains a lot, the sky’s always gray and everyone speaks with a really awesome accent. Of course, I’m talking about London. And this is my ideal destination whether it is to


I’ve always preferred winter instead of summer, so London would suit my “weather taste”. I could improve my english while I’m there and I’d definitely go to every location where Sherlock was filmed. I’d eat fish and chips, drink tea and visit the Sherlock Holmes’ Museum. I’d do all the typical Londoners’ activities and would never get tired of hearing their lovely accents, even if it isn’t RP.

This city is like a fairy tale’s kingdom. Since I’m a Latin american girl, I’ve always dreamed of visiting the promised land, and this said territory is none other than London. Its streets filled with opportunities at every corner, the air thick with some kind of magic. There’s something enigmatic about London, some mystery trapped within the morning mist worthy of a good Sherlock  Holmes’ story waiting to be unraveled. Not even with words may I describe the fantasy that lives in the heart of this city.

visit on several occasions or to move and live the rest of your life in this incredible location.



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