Day 8: 15 interesting facts about myself

  1. I’ve translated several My Chemical Romance songs into spanish. Of course, I haven’t published them anywhere.
  2. I know a lot of song lyrics.
  3. I know the lyrics from “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Iron Maiden by heart. (This song lasts almost 14 minutes).
  4. My favourite sonnet by Shakespeare is Sonnet 57.
  5. I love to practice origami, even though I only know how to make a crane. I’ve made at least one hundred.
  6. I can make pretty good friendship bracelets.
  7. I am super shy so it’s hard for me to talk to strangers.
  8. I once played a Spyro video game for 10 hours when I was a teenager.
  9. I have a septum piercing. It hurt like crazy.
  10. I have a tattoo on my wrist. It’s the only one I’ve got so far, but I’ve got thousands of ideas for new ones (all I need is money).
  11. I love Quentin Tarantino’s films so much I almost bought a katana when I first saw Kill Bill.
  12. I’ve seen 12 bands live including: Iron Maiden (twice), Metallica, Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, and some more which I don’t remember.
  13. I am not a morning person.
  14. My favourite book is “A Clockwork Orange”.
  15. One of my biggest desires is to learn how to play guitar (but I’m really good at Guitar Hero).

Day 6: Dreamed Job

Every child goes through that phase called: “what do I wanna be when I grow up?”. Every time someone asked me that question, I changed my answer: Veterinarian, dentist, doctor, I even once said I wanted to be a pop star like Britney Spears (back then I used to listen to her a lot). But now, I’d reply something entirely different. An Interpreter.

For those of you who may not know, an interpreter is someone who assists people in a conversation who don’t speak the same language and translates what the other person is saying at the same time this person is talking. The interpreter can translate at conferences, private meetings, trials and even at glamorous events like The Oscars. To make it clear, an interpreter is not a translator. The translator is the only who writes his translation, whereas the interpreter communicates it to the other person.

If I had to explain why I this is my dream job then I’d say this: Interpreters (and translators) constitute an important part of our culture. Not only they allow us to communicate to foreigners, they link us to different countries, different identities, different customs, different people. They’re like bridges through which we can walk safely and enter a diverse kingdom, dominated by new and unknown things.

Besides, I know that everyone says “I can translate/interpret” just by having knowledge of another language, but it’s not so easy. Interpreters have to pay extra attention to what a person is saying, process what he just said, re-think it in another language and transmit it to the other person. It’s a challenging mental process that has to be executed in at least two minutes. The answer has to come out quickly, otherwise the interpreter will have to ask his client to repeat what he said all over again. And that’s not a sign of a good interpreter.

Interpreters are my role model, simply because they create magic by saying a few words in another language.


Time for a challenge

In order blog-challenge1to get my blog updated on a regular-ish basis, I’ve decided to start a “blog challenge”. I like to write and express my opinion. It’s like therapy but without paying another person to listen to your blabberings. Either way, it’s a really good opportunity to keep my mind at ease.

I hope you like it c:

(Credit for the picture goes to the blog on the watermark)

Hello, Hola

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

I’m a translation student who only started this blog to improve my english skills but also to share some things that I find peculiar and somewhat interesting.

I may write posts in English or in Spanish, just a little heads up for anyone who may read this.

I love music with my whole heart, books are also my passion but nothing gets to me like music does. I also watch a lot of tv shows and films.

So, this is something I wrote for you to get to know me. I did this very quick so no one gets bored.

Thank you for reading this, whoever you are.

Have a lovely day.